Matter Antimatter Propulsion

Matter Antimatter Propulsion
   This process combines an equal amount of matter and antimatter. They annihilate themselves, and in the process create large amounts of energy. This can be used as a power source for spaceships. The problem arises in how to store antimatter since if it contacts any matter it will explode. The two best ways are using a magnetic bottle, and praying that the power never goes out, or storing the antimatter in a crystal lattice. The lattice would hold the antimatter between the crystal molecules with its magnetic field, preventing the antimatter from coming into contact with the molecules themselves. Antimatter could be released as desired by subjecting the crystal lattice to electromagnetic energy, changing the lattices polarity and freeing the antimatter in a controlled manner. This is how starships in Star Trek® © ™ o(did I forget anything?) are powered.
   See Propulsion.

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